Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment for the unit?
We request a year's commitment, but our hope is to build strong, sustained relationships with these schools.

How much time is the unit expected to give?
Your pledge would be to complete one project per year, but if you would like to do more, that would be encouraged and supported.

What commitment is expected from the school?
We expect the school representatives to be cooperative in identifying their needs and in helping to outline the projects that will best satisfy those needs.

What do we expect the Scouts to be doing? Cleaning around the school? Doing construction projects? Working events?
Please refer to the Volunteer Ideas page.

Who do you expect to make the initial contact?
It might be a commissioner, a district executive, or a Scout leader, but we recommend that your contact person be the person who has the strongest connection to a local school.

Who do we need to speak to first? Principal? Teachers? PTA?
We would encourage you to contact the principal first, then involve teachers and the PTA on an as-needed basis.

Can the unit opt out of the commitment if it's not working for them? Can the school opt out?
Yes, but we hope both parties will do everything possible to honor the one-year pledge.

Is this expected to be implemented district- or council-wide? Will it be mandatory that my council be involved?
Service in this program is completely voluntary.

Is there a patch?
Yes, see image below for a preview of the patch:

BSA Adopt-A-School patch