BSA Adopt-a-School is a project designed to begin to proactively address our community/school relationships. Often we are made aware of councils and districts with significant access issues related to promoting and recruiting youth from within specific school systems. When the proverbial doors are closed, we accept it and try to figure out additional means for youth recruitment, often at considerable expense to the local council.

BSA Adopt-a-School is a process by which we can begin to address the breakdown in relationship between Scouting and the school systems weserve. This process is where true community development work can begin. It truly is a win-win situation for both Scouting and our schools.

Council and District Commitment:

  • Promote and encourage units to begin adopting schools and submitting their commitment forms.

  • Units should target all schools to build stronger relationships. Remember, it is not essential that the school desire or initially acknowledge that it is in fact adopted.

  • Council and district membership chairs recruit a volunteer to handle and promote the BSA Adopt-a-School program.

  • Secure commitments from schools to be adopted.

  • Assist us in gathering success stories we can use to create marketing materials for this program.

For more information, contact:

BSA National Alliances at 972-580-2130

“Several beautification projects around the school have been taken on by the pack, and all the teachers continuously give high praise to the Scouts as examples for the other students to follow.”- Luther L. | District Executive