The BSA® Adopt-a-School program is an exciting and comprehensive undertaking that will connect Scout packs, troops, and crews across the country with schools in their communities. Participating Scouts then work, within clearly defined guidelines, to partner with school administrations and offer the volunteer services that most effectively meet their school’s needs. With each unit offering their school a minimum one-year commitment, meaningful community relationships are built and significant changes will happen in the schools. Units may use their service hours to count toward Journey to Excellence progress.

This program will provide a lasting bond between individual Scouts and their immediate community, between Scouting and the community as a whole, and among the Scouts themselves. When Scouts provide service to a school they feel connected to, they’re able to bond Scout pride with school pride, thereby strengthening the commitment to both.

This project establishes loyalty by building upon itself. At the end of the first year, when the Scouts have completed the four required projects, they gain a true sense of membership and accomplishment, which always enhances retention.

“The boys of Pack 3 have met continuously at Timmerman School for about 50 years, and have grown to include over 90 percent of the boys at the school.”- Will H. | District Executive